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Our Solutions


Custom Fab

We carry out custom painting in various types, sizes and brands of vehicles. When we perform the color change, the car looks like new again. Some cars follow the original pattern or not, this is at the customer’s discretion. We make all types of vehicles, whether it’s just a repair or complete customization.


Wheel Repair

Nowadays, wheels are no longer just an essential item in the functioning of a vehicle to become synonymous with style. This is currently possible with the wheel painting service, which allows you to leave your car looking just the way you want it. Get out of the ordinary and customize your wheels.


Buff Wax

Polished Wax is an excellent service used to reduce small damages caused to the painting. Your goal is to keep your car paint protected, with incredible shine and great appearance. This technique is also highly recommended for cars with years of use, as it removes stains, leaving it incredibly beautiful.



We carry out painting services with the use of modern equipment and excellent quality paints, to ensure greater peace of mind for our customers. It is a very suitable solution for removing scratches from vehicles, with it it is possible to repair grated and marks that can devalue your car.

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